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It is crucial to obtain qualified legal representation from a New York matrimonial law firm that will aggressively fight for your rights. The Law Offices of Joseph Urso is committed to assisting individuals and families with a broad range of family and matrimonial law needs. Issues such as divorce, separation, child custody visitation and support, are very critical and should be handled with great care. The lawyers at our firm are well aware of how difficult and stressful these matrimonial and family law issues can be on a family. This is why we proactively protect your rights throughout the entire matrimonial law process all the boroughs of New York City, Nassau County and Suffolk County. Due to the seriousness and long-lasting impact of family law matters, this is not the time for you to try to make decisions on your own for and your children. This is the time when you need a caring and knowledgeable lawyer who can advise you of your options and work to get the best most reasonable result. Family and matrimonial law are highly specialized and require specific training in negotiation, litigation, taxation, property and business valuation, and the various rules and procedures of the New York family law court system. We offer counsel for a broad range of family law matters.

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Spousal maintenance

Child support

Domestic Violence

Restraining orders

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Parenting plans

Joint custody

Pre-nuptial agreements

Modifications to support and visitation

Property distribution

Child visitation

Paternity matters

Pension plan division

Legal Separations

In many cases, when both spouses agree that they want to divorce, they file for a separation agreement with the county clerk’s office. This is a legal process that basically declares the spouses legally separated, including stipulations regarding child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and property division. One year after successfully executing a separation agreement, one spouse may then sue the other for divorce based upon the separation agreement, and the other spouse can consent to this.

A declaration of separation states that you and your spouse are legally separated. This form of separation may be obtained through the normal grounds for divorce. The difference is that abandonment as grounds may be utilized even if one year has not passed. There is also cause for action for separation, which is based upon the grounds of one spouse failing to support the other. Filing a separation agreement is optional and only required if and when you are suing for divorce.

Pre/Post Nuptials

A prenuptial agreement is a legal agreement entered into before a marriage. Also referred to as an antenuptial agreement, premarital agreement, prenup or prenupt, a prenuptial agreement makes particular stipulations regarding property division, alimony/maintenance and more in the event of a divorce, separation agreement or the death of a spouse. A postnuptial agreement is a contract which a couple enters into after their marriage in order to settle such matters as alimony, property division and even child support in the event of a separation agreement or divorce. A postnuptial agreement is similar to a prenuptial agreement in many ways, except that it is entered into after a couple has already been married.

Divorce Law

To file for divorce in New York, you must have grounds. New York is what is referred to as an “at fault” divorce state, meaning that you cannot file for divorce based upon irreconcilable differences. The grounds for divorce in New York include: cruel and inhuman treatment, abandonment, adultery, legal separation, irreconcilable differences and imprisonment. When two people agree to divorce, they can immediately execute a legal separation agreement and then apply for divorce one year after the date the agreement is executed. However, such issues as custody, spousal and child support, visitation and property division must be determined in the separation agreement. This does not preclude the parties from obtaining a divorce sooner if other existing grounds for divorce exist.

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